I Got No Beef With Lil Pazo — Roden Y

Posted: 2017-01-31T13:34:42Z
I Got No Beef With Lil Pazo —  Roden Y

 Since upcoming singer Lil Pazo released his hit song Genda ogule Emotoka, there have been all sorts of allegations on social media that TNS’ Roden Y is not happy with Lil Pazo...and that actually the two promising singers were not Seeing Eye to eye!

It’s claimed that Roden Y is pissed because the singer copied his style and voice.

However, in an exclusive interview with our reporters, Roden Y confessed that he that he has no bad blood with Pazo, in fact, he appreciates his talent!

Watch Video as Roden Y Kabako speaks to our reporter about this issue!