President Museveni should Announce Retirement this year – Dr. Bwanika

Posted: 2017-01-04T06:50:18Z
President Museveni should Announce Retirement this year – Dr. Bwanika

Dr. Abed Bwanika the president general people’s development party, PDP says the opposition is not retired after the February 2016 general elections.

"For us in the opposition, we've done a good job. We wouldn't have got results we got last year if we weren't doing a good job"

Appearing on NBS this morning, Bwanika said Ugandans are not cowards and have not given up on the struggle to oust president Museveni who has been in power since 1986.

He explains that Museveni has lost the vote of the police and military which organs have always been loyal to him. Dr. Bwanika also says president Museveni is struggling internationally after losing his friends in Europe and America.

He adds that the president elect of the Americas Donald Trump has promised not to work with African dictators, Museveni inclusive. The 2016 presidential contender warns that nothing is impossible in Uganda, even a coup is very possible, considering the army is no longer loyal to him.

He believes this is enough pressure to force Museveni to sit on a round table and dialogue with the opposition. Dr. Bwanika says Museveni should be an adviser in the African continent and not a president, considering his age and the years he has been president.

"There's nothing that can improve President Museveni. He is done. He should be in the bracket of 'advisors' in Africa."

He says dialogue between religious leaders and Museveni would also help the country. Bwanika says religious institutions help Ugandans in the education and health sectors. He however says some religious leaders have been compromised and should not be trusted to dialogue on behalf of Ugandans.

Bwanika says Museveni should not use God’s words to abuse power.

“All leaders come from God, but that does not give you a right to abuse power.”

“Museveni should give Ugandans a gift and announce in 2017 that he is retiring. If he doesn’t he must know that he is going to leave behind a nation that is in confusion. Those telling him that he is still good are the enemies of Uganda.”

Dr. Bwanika also argues that Ugandans are still slaves, they cannot manage a meal, no hospitals, cannot give their children an education, yet others are enjoying themselves in government.

He believes that if Museveni retired today, a new government would come to power and would steer the country ahead.