Dust off: SK Mbuga & Jack Pemba, Who Has Got Class?

Posted: 2016-12-01T12:07:26Z
Dust off: SK Mbuga & Jack Pemba, Who Has Got Class?

Today's celebrity dust off will take a different twist; let’s focus at the rich class. The just married SK Mbuga who threw an estimated 7bn shillings wedding last week will battle it out with Congolese Jack Pemba well known for Pemba sports Africa and lavish lifestyle. Pemba is reported to have washed his car clean with Champagne at Auto spur as on lookers gazed in surprise.

Let’s dust them off,


Who has the start of art machines? Well Jack Pemba owns BMW's, monster jeeps. His white Benz was once hit by a reckless driver which prompted him to park it aside and within a minute he was picked up in a jeep. Suleiman Mbuga commonly known as SK Mbuga is by far the loaded socialite currently when it comes to cruising great rides. SK recently imported in a Ferrari and Rolls Royce just for his wedding. His parking yard comprises of other cars like Jeep, Range Rovers, and BMW’s what can I say.

SK Mbuga claims 67% while Pemba hits 33%

Sense Of Fashion.

They all look like they were born ASH WEDNESDAY. SK Mbuga is so lost when it comes to fashion sense and he clearly doesn't know why flatters him though Leila Kayondo was trying to uniquely do a good job on him. Jack Pemba is the corporate guy here and will be well toned in a suit and tie. He has some fashion sense.

SK Mbuga hits 20% while Pemba hits 80%


When it comes to Swag the situation, it is worrying. Imagine SK Mbuga's pencil size in sweat pants and he surely likes to put on a pair. When you found him sat at the bar counter I dare you to easily recognize him until your reminded that he is the big man. SK Mbuga looks like a typical Masaka product.

Jack Pemba is not handsome but he tries to sweeten up. Just like a 'typical' Lwera purpose when he is seated in the bar girls will be all over and fight so hard to seek recognition.

 SK Mbuga hits 35 while Jack scores 65%

Husband material

SK Mbuga has eaten some fresh socialites the like Leila Kayondo who he dumped and later married Vivian into a lavish wedding. SK has a new born baby who is just weeks old while Jack Pemba's love life is not so clear. Pemba has a woman and child though not so officially married and he prefers to keep the relationship secret.
Mbuga 80% , Pemba 20%

We shall keep you updated.