Singer Naira Ali Chokes On Debts

Posted: 2016-11-28T16:31:20Z
Singer Naira Ali Chokes On Debts

Ever since Naira Ali sung a gospel song which her father wasn’t happy about, she has been through a lot. Over the weekend we learnt that she almost slept in jail over 7m debt she got from a city money lender.

She got the money three months back to cater for her travel when she was in the USA a few months back.  When the agreed time passed, the money lender chased her and about but couldn’t get until he tried other means. She was reported to Katwe police station. It took her bonkmate and father of two kids to bail her out with 2m deposit before she was realised and promised to pay the Balance.

It should be noted Naila Ali almost broke up with her bonkmate when pictures of her and some Ambassador’s son leaked when she was shooting a video. In the same video, they all looked cosy

We will keep you updated.

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