NTV Uganda Premieres ‘Second Chance’ Uganda Version Tonight

Posted: 2016-10-31T06:23:37Z Read: 10,159 times
NTV Uganda Premieres ‘Second Chance’ Uganda Version Tonight

NTV Uganda’s version of popular Latin telenovela called El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance) is set for premiere tonight at 8pm.

"El Cuerpo del Deseo" (The Body of Desire) popularly known as "Second Chance" from Telemundo ran on NTV in 2009  and the series is about a man who comes back from the dead and discovers dark secrets about his beautiful widow. The story revolves around Pedro José Donoso, a wealthy old man who lives in a big mansion with his daughter Angela and his servants.

He falls in love with and marries a gorgeous younger woman, Isabel Arroyo. He dies suddenly and Isabel marries employee Andres Corona. But Pedro Jose Donoso returns to Earth through transmigration: (the passing of a soul into another body after death), in the body of Salvador Credenza, a handsome (yet poor) family man. Salvador was actually a poor man who lived with his wife Cantalicia and son Moncho, but Pedro's soul forced Salvador's soul to leave Salvador's body, although Salvador hadn't died.

And following the success of the Telenovela, NTV Uganda acquired rights to produce a Ugandan version which will feature big names i.e, former UNEB Chairman Fagil Mandy as Pedro José Donoso, former Miss Uganda Stella Nantumbwe as Isabel Arroyo, Sexy media personality Anita Fabiola acting as Angela, Roger Mugisha acting Andres Corona among other many casts.

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