Radio & Weasel In A Diss Song With Jeff Kiwa

Posted: 2016-08-18T10:15:25Z
Radio & Weasel In A Diss Song With Jeff Kiwa

This is a battle between life and death and surely won’t end too soon, just when you thought Radio and Weasel beef against Jeff Kiwanuka is dead, think twice.

Just after being summoned in court for defamation which they also responded with a cold shoulder, the duo seems to have other motives.

The dynamic duo released a song titled Somesa Egwanaga chanting nemesis Jeff how he should go back to school since he has become a social threat relating to the current sacrificial allegations he is accused of.

Listen to Somesa Egwanga - Radio And Weasel

In the first verse Radio slaps both Jeff and his kid brother Allan, saying parents should not just raise tall or fat kids without discipline because they will later become a nuisance the education which they acquire will surely help them in the future.

It should be remembered that on regular occasions Radio has regarded the former manager as a rat they can't manage people who went to school. The song was recorded at their home studio and produced by Elli Arkhis.


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