Sizzaman Claims He’ll Win BET Award With His New Song!

Posted: 2016-08-06T12:19:19Z Read: 4,442 times
Sizzaman Claims He’ll Win BET Award With His New Song!

Music artist Sizzaman is currently back on the scene with a new song Mudilibada.

The Angella singer has taken time out to open a music studio in Munyonyo, and is using proceeds from his business to re-launch his music career

'I have a number of songs and videos finished which I'm waiting to release'. Sizzaman said.

'Fans already love Mudilibada, In fact, this song may win BET Award and there are many more songs I can't wait to share'.

Owning a music studio means Sizzaman can spend as much time as he likes recording music, and he says he has recorded over 25 songs in the past few months alone.

'The studio gives me my freedom. But it is also open to other artists. I know what it is like not to have anywhere to record music, Zebra Kross studio is open to everyone who wants to work with us, just get in touch and make a booking.'

It's not just his business life that is becoming more organized, as Sizzaman is also happily living with his girlfriend.

'I don't like to talk about my personal life'. He says. 'All I can say is that she understands me, supports me and we are very happy.'

As Mudilibada continues to take it we the airwaves look out for Sizzaman's next new project. He promises new videos and audio will be out soon.

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