Comedian Amooti Risks Being Arrested For Impersonation

Posted: 2016-07-17T06:23:34Z
Comedian Amooti Risks Being Arrested For Impersonation

Amooti Omubalanguzi is one of the legendary comedians in Uganda who have made their living from the same craft having started way back in early 2000.

The CEO of the Amarula family has since then been used as a video vixen in several projects for different musicians in Uganda and is much known for taking on roles as a priest.

Amooti started on such roles most notably in Radio and Weasels video of am going tell and the church seems to have given him a soft spot unlike Dr. Hilderman who was openly condemned then…but how long is the soft spot going to last.

Many Christians so far have been earmarked rebuking the image that the comedian has always depicted of the church saying it sends a bad image of the norms of the church.

If the act continues, the comedian who doubles as a radio presenter risks being arrested and taken to court to answer cases of impersonation against the church clergy.