Kiga Flow rapper T.Bro ‘Cries’, Claims He’s Being Rejected By Public

Posted: 2016-06-18T14:26:49Z
Kiga Flow rapper T.Bro ‘Cries’, Claims He’s Being Rejected By Public

It’s known that T.Bro is one if not the founder of the Kiga flow in Uganda, having started way back in 2000. The Kiga flow journey and hip-hop in general in Uganda has been a real hustle and therefore these rappers have hustled their way up so is T.Bro.

10 years of rapping, T.Bro is just notably known for a number of songs that seemed to attract a sizable number of people like Omukigayiname , not a boy anymore and tambuza ekigangstar, and there rest have been just average.

However as time goes on and people are picking up on the genre, many business men and other Kiga rappers seem to see an opportunity hence starting up Kiga nights.

It’s upon this that the king of Kiga flow has come out to laugh at them for failure to appreciate the fact that their nights cannot do without him.

Speaking to our snoops, T bro informed us that many Kiga nights that have been organized without his hand in have proved cc failures and therefore it's high time the proprietors realized that for such a night to thrive, there should be a T.Bro invisible hand in there.

"I pity those organizing Kiga nights without consulting me am the king of Kiga flow in Uganda and everybody knows that" asserted T.Bro