Singer Sizza Man Arrested for Drink Driving

Posted: 2016-05-23T07:51:40Z Read: 6,763 times
Singer Sizza Man Arrested for Drink Driving

Well do you remember Kayemba Andrew aka Sizza man or Sizza Dictionary??? The celebrated dancehall artist that recently denounced the ‘devil and his deeds’?

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Well over the weekend, he betrayed Jesus Christ and went in the wrong path of evil, while he drunk himself.

On Saturday night the singer was among those who were arrested during the swoop commonly referred to as a "kawunyemu" that was carried out along Kabalagala- Ggaba road. Police raided the spot and started checking all motorists in search for drunkards behind the wheels.

However, on stopping Sizza Man’s car, he tried to turn it and drive it away thus knocking road side guards…as a result; the singer got out of the car and ran away like a headless hen before being arrested.

The blood alcohol content (BAC) from Sizza man breath sample was thrice the lethal dose leaving the cops with no option but to arrest him after a long battle. The singer looked pretty scared cursing why he had taken a little too much.

Sizza man, Over to you; why have you betrayed Jesus in a very short time?