'Nigerian Pu**y' singer Calls For Peace After Ghanaians Feel Offended

Posted: 2016-03-03T11:28:04Z
'Nigerian Pu**y' singer Calls For Peace After Ghanaians Feel Offended

Who knew Princess Vitarah before 'Nigerian Pussy'? Um, no body ... but as it stands, she's probably more famous than all your favorite artists, thanks to her unapologetic dirty mouth.


The song is absolutely Not Safe For Work, don't play it unless you want to. But for the millions that dgaf, this banging track is already a favorite on their playlists.


"Nigerian Pussy is the tightest, Ghanaian Pussy is not" ... the first quotable lyrics from Vitarah's song. Some Ghanaians, of course, find these lyrics irking and are getting offending for being referred to having less attractive kitty cats than Nigerians.


Under the hashtag #NigerianPussy, the showdown between Nigeria and Ghana was revitalized. A few people think the song is garbage but the majority on social media think the lyrics are on point and the song is a classic.


Vitarah came out to close the showdown before it blew up. She tweeted;


Abeg no tribalism in Nigerian Pussy we have to stick together


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