I was Man Handled and Sexually Harassed By Police — NBS Reporter, Remmy Bahati

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I was Man Handled and Sexually Harassed By Police — NBS Reporter, Remmy Bahati

NBS TV journalist, Remmy Bahati accuses Police of sexually harassing her during her arrest yesterday


Remmy Bahati revealed that during her arrest with FDC secretary for mobilization, Ingrid Turinawe, policemen caressed and fondled their breasts while in the police Van en route to Kasangati Police station.


In a statement dated 1st March 2016, Deputy Press and Public Relations, Polly Namaye, said the Ingrid, Remmy and Sempijja Ismail were arrested for obstructing Police Officers on duty and disobeying Lawful orders given to them by the Kasangati Division Police Commander Superintendent of Police Kawalya James. The guidance (order) was to park their vehicles at the parking area Police had gazzetted for parking.


However, The NBS female reporter, Remmy released her very own statement rubbishing the police statement that it contains no truth to what really transpired, she also said that she was sexually harassed and manhandled…. She wrote;


Dear Uganda Police Force,


The information carried in your statement is false, holds no iota of truth, and intends to mislead Ugandans.


I was personally not driving any car. I was arrested while reporting lives the police siege at the home of Dr. Kiiza Besigye for the 10th day. My only crime was to have the courage to report events as they unfolded in Kasangati.


Instead of issuing false information and what caused my arrest, the Uganda Police Force should issue a written apology. I was manhandled, fondled inside that van and beaten by huge men


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Bahati Remmy NBS Reporter Arrested Alongside other Journalists

VIDEO: Journalists in running battles with the police at the home of Dr Kizza Besigye in Kasangati

Posted by NBS Television on Tuesday, March 1, 2016