Panic as Landlord, Tenant are killed in Soroti City

Posted: 2021-01-02T21:16:46Z Read: 1,022 times
Panic as Landlord, Tenant are killed in Soroti City
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There is panic in Soroti City after two people were found dead in Camp Swahili Ward.

Police identifies the deceased as Simon Okiror, 28- year- old Boda- Boda cyclist and his landlord and 88- year- old Arab National, Abud Zabun. According to reports, Okiror was Wednesday found lying unconscious in the corridor of Strikers Hotel in Camp Swahili and died moments later on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile Zabun, was found dead in his house.

Investigations indicate that Zabun and Okiror were very close friends. However on Wednesday, Zabun allegedly received huge sums of money after selling part of his property in Soroti and had planned to relocate to his new house in Kengere, only to be attacked by unknown assailants in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

 Okiror, after hearing the noise from Zabun’s house came out but was also attacked by the same assailants.

Isaac Odeke the homicide detective at Central Police Station in Soroti says that post-mortem report for Okiror shows cardiac failure and that he died while seeking help from his friend Lawrence Opio from Strikers Hotel.

According to Odeke, Okiror didn’t have any visible injuries and bruises while Zabun had bruises on his body.