Five in Custody for Killing own brother over a cow

Posted: 2019-10-30T07:28:51Z Read: 1,068 times
Five in Custody for Killing own brother over a cow

The police in Lamwo district has five family members in custody for allegedly killing their sibling over a cow.

The Aswa River Region police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema, identified the suspects as Gerimond Okwera, Wilson Canwat, Ambrose Lalim, Brian Obedugu and Sirayo Olachi, all residents of Kamama Central village in Kamama parish in Padibe Town Council in Lamwo district. 

According to Okema, the suspect murdered their own 23-year-old brother, Patrick Okot on Tuesday afternoon accusing him of stealing their late father’s cow. However, the cow that the deceased is alleged to have stolen finally turned up at home on Tuesday afternoon.

Ambrose Lalim, one of the suspects told police that the five engaged the deceased in a bitter quarrel, which resulted into a fight. They reportedly ganged up Okot and clobbered him with clubs to death. 

Police picked up the suspects based on Lalim’s statement and they are locked up at Padibe Town Council police station on charges of murder vide CRB 045/2019.