Police Constable Murdered in Jinja

Posted: 2019-10-24T12:04:05Z
Police Constable Murdered in Jinja

Police in Jinja District are searching for unidentified thugs who killed one of their own, constable George Tanga, the officer in charge of Jinja taxi park police post on Thursday.

The deceased allegedly arrested two robbers suspected to have been found stealing iron bars at the taxi park at around 5:30 am. But as he was taking them to the police post to be detained, one of the suspects had a sharp object which he used to hack Tanga.

According to Eric Sakwa the Jinja Resident District Commissioner, says that security agencies are hunting for the suspects. Tanga’s body had deep cuts on the head and neck.

The Kiira regional police commander Paul Nkore, says that two iron bars were recovered from the crime scene and Tanga's AK47 rifle was also not taken by the suspected robbers.