Two arrested for stealing explosives in Hoima

Posted: 2019-09-17T12:33:14Z Read: 552 times
Two arrested for stealing explosives in Hoima

Two suspects have been arrested and dangerous explosives recovered in a Joint Security forces operation carried out in the Albertine Region. 

Police identifies the suspects as Michael Masereka, 27 and Gabi Fred, 25 who were both working in the blasting section of CICO, a company constructing the Hoima-Buliisa road.

The joint task team also recovered 22 pieces of electronic detonators, 90 sacks of ammonium nitrate each containing 2 Kgs, a 2 kg sack of explosive wires, 54 boxes of emulsion explosives, 4 pieces of emulsion explosives, 2 unsealed boxes of electronic detonators each containing 100 pieces.

According to a statement released by police this morning, the investigators are now looking into the background of the two suspects to help determine their motive, and also carry out further audit of the stores, to establish what safeguards were being put in place to guard against theft of dangerous explosives. 

The explosives are used by CICO for blasting rocks for construction materials. But they also have a potential of causing collateral damage, if used dangerously against human beings.

“We would like to reassure residents and nearby businesses that the explosives were safety removed. The suspects are being processed for being in possession of dangerous explosives” police wrote.