Trouble as man kills brother over a bunch of bananas

Posted: 2019-04-30T11:40:21Z
Trouble as man kills brother over a bunch of bananas

The police in Rukungiri are searching for a man accused of killing his biological brother over a bunch of bananas. Leo Kwatireryo, a resident of  Kakyinga village,  Central ward, Kebisoni town council in Rukungiri district is wanted for allegedly killing his brother, Ibrahim Kirenzi of the same village. 

The Kebisoni Town Council LC3 Chairperson Charles Byabakama Kwebangyira says trouble started around 2pm on Monday afternoon when Kwatireryo accused Kirenzi of cutting a bunch of bananas from the plantation he inherited from their parents. 


The misunderstanding led to a fight and it was during the clash that Kwatireyo picked a stone and hit Kirenzi on the head leading to severe bleeding. Kirenzi was rushed to Nyakibaale hospital unconscious and bleeding profusely.


The deceased breathed his last while being rushed to Mbarara Hospital later in the night for better management.  According to Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region Police Spokesperson, after the incident, Kwatireryo fled into hiding.


Police have arrested the deceased’s mother identified as Serina Gumisiriza and her son, Mark Bejusa for intentionally giving police false information that the victim could have died because of wounds he sustained in an accident.   


Maate also says Gumisiriza and Bejusa aided the suspect to escape.