Witch Doctor found trading human remains for UGX 50,000

Posted: 2018-08-27T09:18:14Z
Witch Doctor found trading human remains for UGX 50,000

Police in Iganga has arrested a 55 year old witch doctor for disturbing peace of the dead.

The suspect is Patrick Kiyimba, a resident of Buyenbe village, ibulanku Subcounty in Iganda district. He is in trouble for allegedly exhuming the remains of one late Mikayiri Nakalanga, selling them to Saleh Kazira a fellow traditional healer.

Nakalanga’s remains were sold off for a paltry 50,000. She was buried 6 years ago in the same village. 

The suspect was arrested and delivered to police by the area residents led by LC1 chairperson, Siraj Kigazi. The chairman then forced a confession out of him. 
Kiyimba told the village council that he exhumed the body after he had been promised 50,000 shillings by Kazira, who he says has a bigger shrine. The latter allegedly wanted bones of a male adult.

Witnesses say they saw Kiyimba near the late Nakalanga’s open grave on August 6th, the same day his remains were exhumed. The deceased’s wife, Florence Nakalanga told the police that they invited other witchdoctors to check the remains but they failed, prompting her to report the matter to the authorities.

According to the Iganga District Police Commander, Timothy Wabutwa, this is not the first time Kazira has been found with human remains.

Wabutwa explains that the suspect was arrested over the same issue three months ago, but was released by Iganga Chief Magistrates Court, since there was no sufficient evidence to pin him.