24 Phone, bag snatchers nabbed in down town Kampala

Posted: 2018-08-09T08:36:12Z Read: 1,267 times
24 Phone, bag snatchers nabbed in down town Kampala

Police has in custody 24 hooligans arrested in down town Kampala for snatching people’s phones during rush hours.

In an operation code named Dumisha Usalaama that saw police arrest three members of the motorcycle theft syndicate, police has now arrested criminals who terrorize people around Nakivubo.

The development follows public outcry that phones and bags were being snatched by criminals along Nakivubo channel, Dewinton Road, Plaza Mall among other places in down town Kampala.

Police has since carried out a criminal sweep operation as one of the strategies to maintain a business friendly city. According to police, the operation’s success was due to support by members of the public who informed police.

“We managed to arrest 24 suspects allegedly known to members of the business community as key habitual criminals. This exercise is part of the Dumisha Usalama operation aimed at keeping Kampala city and its surroundings safe and free from criminality.”