One Sentenced to Death over Murder

Posted: 2017-10-03T07:17:37Z Read: 1,712 times
One Sentenced to Death over Murder

28-year-old Lotyang Lokiru, Local Defense Unit- LDU personnel has been sentenced to death by hanging for killing a businessman. Justice Stephen Mubiru announced the sentence on Saturday at the closure of the Moroto High court criminal session.

Prosecution led by Gerald Amalo told court on May 19th, 2014 at Nariamoi trading center in Kaabong district Lotyang shot dead Ignatius Lokyeli, a businessman and catechist over land wrangles.

He was reportedly hired by Lowosit Lochomin to execute the mission. Prosecution presented two witnesses who implicated the LDU. Justice Mubiru found the accused guilty of murder and sentenced him to death by hanging.

He said the sentence would serve as a deterrent to other would be hired assassins. The same court also sentenced a cab drive to life in prison for aggravated defilement.  Court found 39-year-old Abubakar Lolem alias Freddo guilty of defiling and infective a minor with HIV/AIDS.

Court heard that on October 13, 2014, Freddo sneaked into the female ward at Kaabong Hospital under the guise of being an attendant to a patient had unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. He was apprehended and arraigned in court for aggravated defilemen

 In his judgment, Justice Mubiru handed Freddo a life sentence, saying the punishment would serve as a deterrent to others planning to do the same.

He said it was unacceptable that Freddo decided to defile the minor well knowing he was infected with HIV/AIDS. Freddo was diagnosed with HIV in 2008 in Kaabong when he repeatedly fell ill.

In total, the Moroto High Court criminal session was expected to handle 50 cases. However, court didn't hear 20 cases since the accused who were released on bail didn't show up.

Other verdicts passed were custodial sentences ranging from six months to 43 years on cases of murder, aggravated defilement and rape.