Fresh Details Emerge on CPS stolen Weapons "They were sold to Criminals"

Posted: 2017-08-22T10:11:00Z
Fresh Details Emerge on CPS stolen Weapons "They were sold to Criminals"

New information has emerged on the theft of two guns and ammunition from Kampala Central Police Station indicating that the guns had been hired out to criminals.

The new development is contained in a preliminary report by the Professional Standards Unit (PSU) based on information obtained from the two suspects picked up from Iganga and six police officers in custody in connection to the gun theft.

According to the findings, the theft is believed to have been the work of a syndicate of Police officers, some of whom are in custody. Frank Mwesigwa, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, has confirmed the ongoing investigations but declined to divulge details.

"We have the officers in our cells. We are investigating the motive of the theft, "Mwesigwa said.  However, a reliable source involved in the investigations, says initially the two suspects picked from had refused to talk but opened up when Flying Squad Operatives begun interrogating them.

"The policemen told us everything. How they picked the guns, who they gave them to and when they were supposed to be returned," the source told this website on condition of anonymity.

It is alleged that some policemen connived with the officer in charge of the armory to secure the guns and hire them out to criminals at unknown amount. The criminals were expected to return the guns after their mission.

However, the guns were discovered missing on Sunday when some officers on duty were supposed to use them. Upon realizing that they were about to busted, the implicated officers tried to break the armory lock to make it look like a break-in but it was too late.

Among those being held is Isaac Kulaigye, the duty Officer at Kampala Central Police Station, the policeman who was in charge of the armory that night as well as the policeman who were guarding the station that night.

On Monday, the IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura blamed the theft on laxity of duty officers, but praised the wanainchi for helping police in tracking down the criminals.