9 Highway Robbers Arrested; 3 guns Recovered

Posted: 2016-07-08T14:51:06Z
9 Highway Robbers Arrested; 3 guns Recovered

The police flying squad has arrested 9 notorious highway robbers and recovered two Ak 47 rifles plus one toy gun.

The robbers were arrested from different districts including Iganga, Busia, Kampala, among other areas. These men are believed to have been terrorizing mobile money owners and travelers on different roads.

During a one week operation, one gun was recovered from Tula road where it was being used in robbing and hitting mobile money dealers.

Herbert Muhangi the commander flying squad told the media in Kampala that the same gun was used to rob people in North and West Kampala areas. Another gun which was used to rob singer Geoffrey Lutaya and his wife was recovered from Busia.

This was the same group using the toy gun to scare people away before robbing them of their hard earned money.

According to Muhangi, the guns have no Ugandan markings, meaning they are being brought in from neighboring countries including Sudan, Somalia and Congo. He explains that in the last three months, 8 guns have been recovered.

“They are not marked by any Ugandan security organ because the police must be marked police, the army must be marked UPDF, and prisons

The 9 men were paraded before the media today and will be prosecuted according to the laws of the land.