NTV GXP Presenter Carol Flower Sex Secrets Emerge

Posted: 2015-12-31T13:58:53Z
NTV GXP Presenter Carol Flower Sex Secrets Emerge

Carol Flower is one of the sexiest TV personalities whose career has never seized to thrive, from the moment she joined the industry. And as they always say, beautiful and sexy ladies biggest challenge is running away or resisting money coated whooper!!

Well, the corporate talk in town has been closeness of South African self-proclaimed tycoon, Cameroon Gitawo and NTV GXP presenter, Carol Flower who is apparently married to another man and the two have kids together!

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However, in a recent interview with Red Pepper, Cameroon Gitawo spilled the sex secrets of Carol “I have Bonked Her For More Than Two Years”.

Question: What is your relationship with NTV GXP presenter, Carol Flower?

Gitawo: She is my fiancée. I met her two years ago and she is a lovely woman. When I first met her, she was going through a rough time with her husband. I didn’t cause any problem in her marriage. She just told me that her marriage had fallen apart. That is when we started our affair. We love each other because I really understand her. I am still waiting on her to sign divorce papers so that we can live as husband and wife. I love her children too. I treat them like my own.

Question: What plans do you have for Carol incase her divorce goes through?

Gitawo:  I want her to manage TMT Record Label. The offices are in Kololo.

Question: Have you talked to her husband or any of his relatives?

Gitawo: Ooh God! No. Why do you think I would talk to a man who is constantly stresses a beautiful woman like Carol?

For a lady who is a born again and even Gospel show host, should she be such saga? Or Gitawo is trying to swallow what he can’t afford?