Turns Out Chris Thomas is Begging Ruth Komuntale to Come Back ... Poor Guy!

Posted: 2015-12-22T07:54:14Z Read: 7,514 times
Turns Out Chris Thomas is Begging Ruth Komuntale to Come Back ... Poor Guy!

Two years ago, Christopher Thomas became the most hated and trolled man in Uganda after divorcing The Princess of Tooro, Ruth Nsemere Komuntale ... The phrase "Everybody Hates Chris" came into effect and was used on social media to throw shade at the African-American.

After the split, Komuntale's 'Royal-Nude' photos leaked. She blamed the leak on her ex, Thomas -- who in response claimed he had nothing to do with the nude photos. Though it was not confirmed, it was immediately obvious to on-lookers that Thomas was behind the whole saga.

Komuntale and Thomas alienated from each other since the split ... but after two years, if what she claims is anything to go by, Thomas wants her back.

In a statement she took to Instagram to share, the Princess says she's "in a relationship" and apparently, her ex knows about it and is now begging to come back to her. She says after 'treating her less seriously, he is all of a sudden showing interest again' now that he knows she's in a relationship.

Komuntale seems to have no idea what to do in this situation. She either is still in love or just wants her followers to know poor Chris is begging.

She turned to social media for help.

It puzzles me how most males want to start talking to a woman again when they find out she's in a relationship. Help me out men..why do most of y'all all of a sudden show interest again in a woman you didn't take seriously in the past, when she has clearly told u she's in a relationship/moved on?

However, it seems Thomas wants nothing to do with Komuntale or any Princess on 'this earth'. A few hours ago, during a chat with one of our journalists, Duke said he doesn't want to be referred to as someone's ex.

“No one should again refer to me as someone else’ ex, I am Chris Duke Thomas, that’s who I am

He further told us that he is "a single man" who is "not looking for a princess of this earth but a queen who follows God".

Crying out, Duke said that he is tired of talking about Komuntale. He added that he is a very humble person and did nothing wrong. 

“Am now done talking about Komuntale and the Kingdom, I did nothing wrong and am very humble to anyone,”

Readers, do you think Chris and Komuntale will get back together?