Pallaso you’re so stupid and hopeless — Kim Swagger.

Kim swagger retaliates at Pallaso for calling him gay, among other things.

Pallaso you’re so stupid and hopeless — Kim Swagger.
Story by Mukama Evart \

Following Emmanuel Mayanja Alias Ak47’s Commemoration at Club Venom, Kim Swagger waged war on the organizers mainly Pallaso, Criticizing him that they should have thrown the party when the late (May his soul rest in Peace) was still alive...  The fashion designer further said that he didn’t attend the memorial because it was all a publicity stunt.

Unsurprisingly, Pallaso replied his harsh remarks about the party with a venomous Facebook post, he wrote that Kim “No” swagger is nothing but an attention seeking clown, a worthless lunatic who chooses ignorance over anything else and that he is gay… that was five days ago. [Read Full Statement Below]

Now! Kim swagger has finally replied to the Onsanula hit maker’s statement that he can never be gay;

“Pallaso you’re so stupid and hopeless, Am not gay and I will never be gay, look for jobs and stop singing because naturally you were born a noise maker but not a singer. Taking a snap with someone it doesn’t mean that you do whatever he does. Am a Muslim and a believer who follows the 10 commandments of God. Please stop tarnishing my name and my image.”---Kim Swagger.

Read Pallaso's Full Statement

Did I throw Akay a birthday before he died ?? Yes !! Read his Instagram post here below and see who threw his his last birthday !! Now I just read Kim No swagger post about me throwing Akays birthday !! First of all Kim No Swagger is nothing but an attention clown !! It's crazy how some Ugandans like this lunatic have chosen to dwell on permanent ignorance !! In Jamaica they celebrate Bob Marleys birthday, In America they celebrate Tupac birthday,Elvis Presly and so many other gone heros!! They release balloons and let them fly off with so many other things on their birthday !! They celebrate their lives and the fact that they have once lived !! Look at the recent one Paul walker .. They find a reason to celebrate his life every day but NO !! in Uganda people like Akay, Paul Kafeero, Menton summer should be dumped off and forgotten, Bob Marleys birthday has become a world event over the years and millions celebrate it all over the world !! You need to travel the world and learn why some people have emerged to be better than us and that might help us live better !! This clown calls my brother his brother but doesn't want no one to celebrate the fact that he lived !! Don't give your clueless opinion on things you have no idea about !! First answer why you have pictures taken with Mubiru !! That's more of your business !! JF Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcom X and so many others are celebrated !! for your own Information even Christmas is a celebration of Jesus Birthday !! ‪#‎SMH

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