Margaret Kiweesi Explains Why She Never Showed Up For AK 47's Memorial B-day

Posted: 2015-10-31T10:19:07Z

On 28th this month, Club Venom was a bee hive of events as the Mayanja family and friends celebrated the life and AK47’s birthday.

However, friends were left murmuring after one of their family members Nalongo Maggie Mayanja, widow to the late Emanuel Mayanja didn’t attend the memorial birthday party.

As accusations were thrown at Mayanja family for turning the memorial celebration into a money making event, Maggie claims she was not invited to attend the party.

Our highly placed sources close talked to us after several requests to get a comment from Maggie.  Maggie's friend told one of our snoops, she was threatened by Pallaso and Chameleone never to again appear in their family issues again! 

 Source continued to say that AK47’s father didn’t like her and there was reason as to why she can associate with such people and that is why she did not attend their party.

"If they really loved and cared for her as a family member they would get money from AK 47's birthday and give it to her to take care of the twins because the lady is suffering" Source gave her thoughts.