Are They 36 Kids? The Truth Behind Weasel’s Children Rumors Revealed

Posted: 2015-10-28T15:10:27Z

While it’s true Weasel bonks recklessly whatever creature puts on a dress, it’s NOT true that the artist is having a kindergarten of Kids.

Don’t believe that sh*t you hear from other media houses! Weasel cleared up bogus reports about himself, insisting that he has only three kids, Howwe.BIZ can exclusively confirm.

Weasel who’s been a focus of mockery on social media, accused of being a Vagina terrorist, careless father who produces whenever he feels like - just like a rabbit.

Rumor has had it that the singer has fathered about 36 kids from 36 different women and later abandoning them for other warm thighs.

Meanwhile, the singer also recently appeared on entertainment show on NTV, AboutTown, and confirmed that he only has three kids on earth. He further promised that he is looking forward to family planning very soon.