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How To Determine Risk To Breast Cancer 101 By Flavia Tumusiime.

Posted: 2015-10-07T07:49:08Z Read: 6,699 times

It’s very important to have some knowledge about a disease that you are liable to acquiring because you can have a chance to counter the problem before they impose themselves on you and having knowledge beats being clueless any day.

For those who have boobs, soft beautiful breasts…. You are in danger of losing them because breast Cancer is real.

Out the goodness of her heart Flavia Tumusiime has come to give pointers on how to determine the susceptibility your breasts are to cancer, she wrote;

Before you go to a doctor for screening. This is how you can know your risk to breast cancer. But remember, this is only to get you comfortable enough to know your body and risk, you still need to visit the doctor to get screened for breast cancer. ‪#‎knowctober ‪#‎breastcancerawareness