A Fake??.... Katsha’s Golden Lamborghini Can’t Move!

Posted: 2015-09-20T12:41:56Z Read: 8,705 times

Katsha’s Lamborghini that has been causing ruckus across the town failed to start at Club Guvnor ...it's still there

Moments after enjoying little time of showbiz yesterday evening, Katsha’s allegedly 24 billion shillings golden Lamborghini can’t even move!

Howwe can exclusively confirm Katsha is desperately looking for a specialized Mechanic in Lamborghini! This comes after, Katsha's expensive car failed to start from Club Guvnor.

According to sources, last night Katsha went out to party at Club Guvnor, and apparently parked his Lamborghini near the entrance a parking normally reserved for VIP cars. But coming out at 4am, the Lamborghini misbehaves a midst crowd that was fascinated by the car.

Poor Katsha then ordered for the hammer that he used after. As we write this, the car is still parked at Guvnor parking and people have spent most of the morning taking photos.

Meanwhile, we have been told that Katsha has ordered a mechanic from South Africa to come and work on his car.

We shall updated you for further details.