Natasha Sinayobye Marriage Hit Rock Bottom

Posted: 2015-09-16T12:11:16Z Read: 13,296 times

Renowned actress Natasha Sinayobye and her husband and former dancer of the popular group Obsession, Michael Kasaija, marriage is said to be going through a couple of issues.

Apparently, rumor has it that the couple has even ended their fifteen year old marriage on grounds of infidelity.

A close friend to the two tells Howwe that Natasha has thrown a towel on the cheating hubby, who is said to have hooked a new and juicer babe from UK. We have been told the babe causing the marriage break up is Patricia Ssewungu who recently launched her memoir both in UK and in Kampala at Serena.

It’s said that Michael has on several occasion bedded Patricia which Natasha has been patient with, however, it was on the recent tour of Ebonies in UK in which Michael is said to have taken bonking to another level; Natasha was provided with evidence of two having some quality time.

While in UK, Michael is said to have gone missing and it was believed that he had disappeared in the streets to do odd jobs aka Kyeyo.

Meanwhile, it is said Michael has moved on and is ready to settle with the goodhearted cougar. On the other hand Natasha has also tried to move is now hustling with a huge responsibility of taking care of their thirteen year old son.