Anita Fabiola is So In Love With Flavia Tumusiime.

Posted: 2015-09-10T12:46:18Z Read: 17,867 times

Former NTV Be My Date Host, Anita Fabiola has finally acknowledged Flavia’s mesmerising beauty.

Let’s get this straight both women are hot AF!  If I am to have a wet dream, it would probably be about one of these two or both because… why not! None the less, it’s very captivating to know that one of them appreciates the later, LORD knows cat fights can get abit ugly.

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Fabiola took her instagram page and lavished Tumusiime with praise that she defines beautiful.

She Wrote;

Don't we all just love @mizzflav You define beauty with a purpose..Keep being beautiful.#MediaDiva❤️ -- ANita Fabiola 


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