Shame: Bebe Cool LIED About the Lisa Mandy CCTV Footage?

Posted: 2015-09-04T06:41:57Z Read: 13,343 times

What happened?

It's been exactly 10 days since Bebe Cool released an evidently soft-witted and unconvincing club Liquid Silk CCTV footage from the day he was accused of beating up a woman in the club. The singer claimed he had a 'Part 2' of the footage ... and that's where 'all the truth is revealed' ... but has failed to release it.

One thing we all know for sure is that the footage exists, of course it does ... but Bebe Cool might be scared of the truth it could reveal to the public about the kind of man he probably is, right?!

Some things are hard to alter—like a CCTV footage—and 'probably', this particular one is somewhere on some 'Aftereffects' genius' computer being altered. It's usually the time and date settings on security cameras that are altered ... by those who have access to the DVR, but in this case, what matters is the footage it'self, not the time stamping.

After news broke out that Bebe Cool had beaten up a woman in a club, his beautiful wife Zuena Kirema jumped in real quick to defend his hubby claiming the feud between Bebe and Lisa started way back. The outraged internet savaged Zuena accusing her of supporting 'Violence Against Woman & Girls', which is a grave violation of human rights.

Bebe Cool also claimed Lisa wanted to 'rape him', but it turned out Bebe Cool tried to have sex with her when she was still 16. Like Zuena confessed, their beef started way back.

So, is Bebe Cool ever going to release that 'Part 2'? We're still waiting ...

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