Promoter Suudi Man Attacks Fellow Music Promoters Calling Them ‘Bogus’

Posted: 2015-08-31T14:48:50Z Read: 4,912 times

Music Promoter Suudi Lukwago aka Suudi man is fuming like a Pharmacy chimney after he was released yesterday from Jail.

Suudi man was arrested on Friday for obtaining money by false pretense. Suudi is said to have conned $ 30,000 from one Sheilah Patience of Zella Events promising to sell her a music show for Busy Signal at Dolphin Beach in Entebbe but only to pocket it.

Furious Zella then took the matter to Police after realizing Busy Signal Schedule never indicated his show. It was from that point that MUSIC AGENT Suudi Lukwago dragged Central Police Station (CPS) to spend a weekend.

However, on release, Suudi man accused fellow music promoters Balaam Barugahara, BK Afrobeat’s Kasenene and Vibes Production boss Gerald Luyima as being ‘bogus’ following his arrest.

Suudi alleges the mentioned promoters are ‘fake’ for letting him stay a night in the prison and without rescuing him.

Suudi was arrested from Serena hotel on Friday evening and charged with obtaining money by false pretense under police file vide SD52/28/08/2015.