Shock: Zari Had To Make A Horrible Sacrifice To Lose Baby Weight At An Abnormal Speed

Posted: 2015-08-21T19:20:13Z

Uh! Zari Hassan gets her runway body back about five seconds after giving birth — and yet other women are feeling the pressure to squeeze into their size 10s before returning to work? How did she do it, so you ask?

Come on, like you haven't seen her IG posts working out with her hubby Diamond Platnumz from their home gym.

Working is supposed to be cool, BUT here's the one big PROBLEM.

After it was revealed by Diamond himself that their new born daughter has been feeding on cow milk, Zari has finally started breast feeding her ... for the first time, but that's after almost regaining her figure. It seems the hot socialite has been more focused on losing baby weight than actually breast feeding her baby girl. She's trying this hard to get back in shape?

Dropping those extra pounds takes time, especially when a mother is caring for a new baby and getting adjusted to the new schedule. But for Zari, it took just a few days, and she's sexy again, which should be a good thing ... but she had to sacrifice breast feeding her own child.

Weight over a Baby's right to breast milk now? What is Kim Kardashian doing to us?

PS: Zari usually posts Kim Kardashian's nude photos ... she idolizes her.

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