Shame as FANS Mock Singer Bigeye For Being Solely Dependant On His Wife

Posted: 2015-08-21T12:29:33Z Read: 4,815 times

Bigeye took to his Facebook page and posted a statement attacking Eddy Kenzo—as usual—for attention, but it seems no one cares. In fact, they are mocking the rapper for being so dependant on his wife.

In the statement, Bigeye claims Eddy Kenzo's Hotel Africana concert flopped — whaaa?! The "Indicator " singer adds that next time it will be his turn to attack Kenzo ... like he hasn't done it yet.

Well, it seems music fans have had enough of Bigeye's posts, if all the comments are anything to go by.

Bigeye is being jeered for over depending on his wife Sheila Patience Don Zella. One of the commenters says Bigeye wouldn't have been known any where if it wasn't for his wife.

wama musuuza big up. u so much..............gwe bigeye whatso ever kenzo doesnt depend on hiz wife lyk u.. f t wasnt shila ur wife.. .singa tetukumanyi

What is more surprising is that at the end of every post Bigeye shares attacking Eddy Kenzo, the singer adds a reminder for his upcoming "tusasanya" concert.

Another commenter stated it in the best possible way;

Bigeye needs to pay for TV and Radio commercials instead because attacking a more talented and successful singer won't solve his problems. Besides, there is Sheila for the Bills, so he has nothing to worry about.

Eddy Kenzo hasn't posted anything about Bigeye ... because he probably has better things to do.