Meddie Ssentongo Starts Mega Business Project For Anita Fabiola

Posted: 2015-08-20T10:35:52Z

Anita Fabiola’s love affair with city tycoon Meddie Ssentongo seems to be taking the right direction and going strong despite previous rumors that Ssentongo had dumped the 21 year old beauty for a much sexier Tanzanian beauty.

An insider close to the couple has exclusively disclosed to Howwe.Biz that Meddie has opened up a business worth millions of shillings for his boo. “ she has been up and about lately trying to get a place to operate her business though she never spills details about her new business , all I can tell you is that she has started a big project courtesy of Meddie Ssentongo ”says the source

Meddie Ssentongo has been Fabiola’s shoulder since her nude photo incident which cost her a TV job and a number of other projects. Her efforts to bounce back on screens have all been in vain after she reportedly failed to pass screen tests at Katwe based Delta TV where she had been offered an opportunity to showcase again.

She has since resorted to venturing in several business projects just like her man Meddie, here is screen shot off her instagram to prove to you that she is now a business woman not the Tv girl you knew