WBS TV's MC Luzze Anderson Sex Secrets Exposed — "I Romp Girls Am Going To Marry"

Posted: 2015-08-13T15:57:11Z

While many high profile Celebrities enjoy hopping from one girl to another and juggling them like football, Wbs Tv's Mc Luzze's case is different.

The Morning Flavor and Turn it up shows host, says he likes to date girls he can see himself staying with for the rest of his life. In a recent interview with HowweBiz, he revealed exactly the type of girl that holds his attention.

" Many girls want to me to lay them and tag along with me because i work on Tv, but I am not a Whore, I need healthy relationships with people i can feel safe with " he said.

" I receive lots of messages from ladies asking me to bed them, and I am sure other public figures get the same treatment- that's arguably the reason why HIV AIDS is on the rise " he observes.

The Seasoned Tv presenter also stated that he already has someone in his life though he prefered to keep details of his romance with the lucky girlfriend underwraps.

" I have a girlfriend and I love her so much, she saved me from these city girls who just fake it- don't ask me her name but just know I am taken "

We are still wondering, if really Luzze loves his girlfriend, if he is still shy to mention her name in public? Nevertheless,recent media reports have claimed, Luzze is the thigh inspector of one of the most sexy singers, Shamim Namawa