Johnnie Ahimbisibwe : Celebrities Mourn His Death, What Was His Relationship With Them?

Posted: 2015-08-02T11:14:03Z Read: 15,520 times

The tragic death of Johnnie Ahimbisibwe has shocked many social media users especially Celebrities who were close to him.

A number of people have expressed their regrets for the youthful fashion fanatic died so young, while others are disturbed by the cause of his death.  Johnnie was reportedly hit with a glass on his neck by Ivan diesel (Kamyuka) after they had an argument about a girl, they have both been pursuing.

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The deceased died of his injuries at Case medical center where he was rushed by Club Guvnor Management.

When contacted, local Singer song writer- Ray Signature couldn't hold back his sadness saying he is heartbroken and shocked to learn about Johnnie's untimely passing, he described the deceased as a humble and hardworking friend.

"What connected us was "fashion” since we both had the same passion .may his soul rest in internal peace " -- He added.

Ahumuza Brian, a renowned fashion designer says he is drowned in sorrow and can't talk much for now

“All i Can tell you, me and Johnnie were close pals- he was fashion forward and we spent lots of time together , I can't believe his gone "

Nalongo Judith heard took to her social media to express her heartfelt sadness

"Please tell me this is true woken up by the sad. News Johntex225 can't be gone”

Our hearts remain with Ahimbisibwe's friends and family during this difficult time.

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