Rapper St. Nelly-Sade Finds A lot Of Comfort In Cindy’s Chest — Dating Rumour Sparks Off!

Posted: 2015-08-01T15:16:49Z

You never know how life will turn out for a Rapper NellySade. The Lugaflow master yesterday at Galaxy FM 100.2 Zzina during Big Bang Show, got some serious comfort in Cindy’s Chest! And he really enjoyed the moment.

The two singers were featuring at a radio show Big Bang segment that happens every last Friday of the end of the month! The programme segment is always about Singer’s free styling during the Radio show - and they did that, however, the highlight of the evening was Cindy and St. NellySade who went further to show how they deeply have feelings for each other before and after the show.

Our sources at Galaxy FM have told us that Cindy was seen super gluing on the young rapper, which the rapper himself enjoyed and begged to have a photo for remembrance of the sweet moment they were actually having!

More so, Cindy and St. NellySade went ahead to share the photo respectively on their on their social media platforms! Could something be cooking up for these two singers? Time will tell.

We will keep you updated