Bukedde Tv's Fifida Queen Shares Message On How She Keeps Ziza Bafana Away From City Girls.

Posted: 2015-08-01T14:09:20Z

Popular TV presenter Phiona Nabitengero commonly known as Fifi Da Queen recently took to her social media to share a message advising on how to keep a Man away from other women.

"This goes out to us de ladies, it’s our characters that  scares our husbands and they put them away from us but whenever u see that things are not moving well please don't blame his friends no first check yourself if you still that same person he first saw, if you do not fix yourself and when he is not changing then sit him down talk about it, if it fails then involve third party your children If there are old enough to handle, if not the closest relatives that can sit u two down if it fails den friends, and if all fails den u were not ment to be. always think before u act ....love you all " --- she wrote

Fifi Da Queen has in the recent past been rumored to be secretly dating dancehall Singer Ziza Bafana,

The couple has tried as much as possible to keep their romance under wraps but like they say, a secret known to three people can only be Secret if the two are dumb.....Well, Can you read Fifi's message at least a two more times- that's how she has Managed to keep the “Pomini Pomini” Singer away from the beautiful city girl

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