Museveni’s New Song Has A Washed Up and Too WEAK — GNL Zamba

Posted: 2015-07-25T09:20:20Z Read: 8,891 times

Luga flow Genius GNL Zamba was disappointed with Rapper Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s new song.— “Yengoma”

The Baboon Forest Entertainment president and CEO on her listening to the “Yengoma” song, he took to his Facebook and wrote that he was very much disappointed that Sevo released a Kidandali song instead of sticking to hip hop. He added that he was looking forward to Battle His excellence in rap challenge,

“M disappointed that the president has released a Kidandali song instead of sticking to Hip-hop. It’s watered down. The new sound doesn’t have the flair, I can pen for you. Runyaflow was much better.

Plus I was looking forward to our battle of champions but I guess he is going to have to settle with Bebe cool . Sevo komawo eka.

That beat was weak, Lamara Sam and Amani Greene would have produced a concrete HipHop beat, that one was lackluster.” --- GNL Zamba.

Listen & Download YENGOMA Here