Profesa Big Eye Apparently To Be Signed By Nigerian Star Davido

Posted: 2015-07-22T11:22:32Z Read: 3,297 times

Singer Ibrahim Mayanja, 25, aka Big Eye is an extremely happy man if the news has received is actual truth…BUT for the meantime let’s take it as a chaffer from a reliable source.

It is now being speculated within the close friends of Big Eye’s wife, Sheilah, Nigerian superstar Davido has signed Profesa Big Eye.

The claims that started early this year after Davido had a concert in Uganda; they indicated Davido was impressed by Big Eye’s love for music despite turning down his request to do a collabo with him  in favor of Pallaso’s - Twatoba! Infact, Davido used Big Eye’s hammer for all his duties while in Uganda during Freedom City Concert that was there last year in December.  

Lately, Big Eye and Davido’s relationship grew close over the past few months with a little spark coming in from Big Eye’s wife Sheilah Patience who is said to be behind this move.

It is said that the negotiations are going on between the two sides. We have also learnt that Big Eye will be a certified member of Davido’s music group HKN (Hakan) Music group if everything is successfully in a few weeks from now.

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