Pastor Wilson Bugembe In ‘Holy Sex Chaos’ With Some Members Of His Church.

Posted: 2015-07-14T11:55:34Z

News reaching us is that Pastor Wilson Bugembe, the lead Pastor of Light the World Church, a recording artist, founder of the Worship Night & one of the directors of Mercy Childcare up is involved in ‘holy sex chaos’.

“You have many good, looking humble women in this church. Why don’t you pick one and we also get ours…” One young attacked Pastor Bugembe during church service.  Online blog wasp news claimed a few days ago

Howwe bees have since then dug deeper to find out what really took place at the church of one the Virgin pastors in Uganda, Wilson Bugembe’s Light the world:

Howwe. Biz can exclusively say the young man surely spat harsh words at the pastor in church.

“You have many good, looking humble women in this church. Why don’t you pick one and we also get ours…”

This statement from a young man took Church members in numb. It is said that Bugembe was auctioning a gospel music CD for one Ivan Kamoga titled ‘Essanyu Mu Yesu’, before a bitter exchange erupted in church after Bugembe’s marriage remarks to the congregation.

[Photo Credit: Wasp news, Pastor Bugembe with Ivan Kamoga]

It’s said while auctioning the CD, Bugemebe kept on harassing young bachelors in his church, by throwing some tricky comments to congregation:

“Muwasse…. Marry…. why are you young men always delaying to find suitable partners to walk down the aisle, immmh? Why do you like enjoying our virgin women illegally in front of God” He kept on repeating the statement while moving around Church.   

Well, this statement hurt some young men before bitter words between Pastor Bugembe and young men in the church however in a friendly way.

One of the young stood up and said;

“But Pastor, you should be giving us a good example, you have very many good looking humble women in this church. Why don’t you pick one and we also get ours as soon as possible? Jesus might even find us still waiting for you…”

However, Bugembe assumed he had not heard the young man’s spat despite continued cheers and jeers from fellow church members, so he continued with the auctioning.

Today, managed to get in touch with one of the guys who attend the evening service at the same church, and surprisingly she confirms the story of the young man who disrespected their pastor.

“The young man is very immoral, how can you stand up and say such a statement to Pastor, Pastor Bugemebe has said that statement always, but it doesn’t mean you come out and show your un ethical  conduct in church” source furiously commented on a young man’s statement.

Pastor Wilson is one of the few young single and rich pastors around Kampala. And girls at his church and beyond are always looking for every excuse available to have a chat with him. He claims that he was born with Aids but got healing from the Lord.  We can’t be so sure whether it’s the same reason he is scared of getting one virgin girl from his church or if he is a coward.

Time will tell… we will keep you updated