Bebe Cool is Nothing But A Politician and a Terrible Writer — Eddy Kenzo

Posted: 2015-07-13T12:46:02Z

The war is still on, and we can only stand aside and see BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo and Bebe Cool throw the most sickening words at each other.

During an appearance at Dembe FM, Eddy Kenzo said Bebe Cool is just a politician and a "bad writer" who relies on other people for songs.

Ugandans Have No Common Sense — Bebe Cool

Kenzo added that Bebe will attack anyone who is in the news to make himself relevant ... and that if he (Kenzo) did not bring the award home, Bebe Cool would have probably attacked Amama Mbabazi — who is currently making headlines with his political endeavors.

Bebecool is a Poor writer, he hires writers Like Nince Henry and he thinks he can compete with Eddy Kenzo who writes his own Music. Bebecool is a politician who attacks everyone, If I didn't bring the BET Award he would be against Amama Mbabazi because he is on the Front Page - Eddy Kenzo.

Kenzo also asserted his claim that Bebe Cool is a coward, who is scared of competition ... and that's why he attacks other artists like Ziza Bafana, Rema, Gravity Omutujju and Bobi Wine.

Bebecool is A Politician, and a Poor Writer. He fears Competetion thats why he dissed Rema, Bafana, Nince Henry, Gravity and Bobiwine- Eddy Kenzo.

Finally, Bobi Wine Responds to Bebe Cool

PS: Bebe Cool already attacked Amama Mbabazi in a move most people called "Childish" to creating controversy.

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