New Details Emerge: AK47’s Wife Maggie Claims Mayanja Family Chased Her Out Of The House:

Posted: 2015-07-06T11:22:20Z

Last week, Kampala Sun issued a story of how Maggie (AK47's baby mama) claimed she was being harassed by members of the Mayanja. In the interview, she talked of how she had been 'thrown' out of the house that was recently constructed for her and the twins. However, this did not go down well with Chameleone’s elder brother, Humphrey Mayanja, who was quick to say that;

"I would rather hangout with the boys than marry a woman whose intellect is lacking or better still, buy a car.... "

At the time of his death, Emmanuel Mayanja alias (AK47) left a shell of a house which was later completed from the proceeds collected after his death, however, Maggie decided to shift elsewhere citing various reasons.

According to an online blog, Uganda Online, Another AK47 baby-mama, Mariyan Abdul Saad has come out to lash out at Maggie's actions saying a number of this about the “The Untold Story Of  Maggie”;

"It hurts me to see how manipulated and deceived you all are by this woman(mother of 5)..every time she starts to loose relevance in public and you forget who she is, she calls a journalist to her home parades those poor kids for photos and says 'asaba gavumenti emuyambe'. Nalongo receives a handsome 5m from SM1 every month from the caller back tunes of all AK's music that is downloaded."

"On top of that..she was told she can stay in that house all she wanted as long she never got confused on who it belonged to (incase she tried to sell it off, it can never be in her names as it is in the names of all her 5 children) but she woke up one day, and shifted to Kiwatule with claims that she was seeing ghosts..then came back and took you all for fools again and lied she had been thrown out."

"This can cannot be given to her..she is still legally married in the UK to a one Hakim father of her other twins who live in the UK with her family (although one died) so if she decided to settle back with her husband, this would mean the house belongs to them and what would his kids have left..and finally but not least..she was asked in a meeting at home if had ever put a shilling to that house and all she did was to roll eyes.."

"This was because the late was tired of her rubbishing him to whoever cared to listen how she had always given him money for that house..madame..since you like to take your problems to the newspapers everyday..Please be truthful to "your fans" and tell them exactly how much and when you contributed to that house, what sort of woman are you?"

Mariyan has one child with the late AK47 while Maggie is the mother to AK47's twins.

We this is untold story of AK47 Wife and the saga that is going on.