The Many Times Michael Ross Kakooza Has Sex in a Week Will Leave Shocked!

Posted: 2015-07-02T12:30:32Z

RnB singer Michael Ross kakooza is quite a lot of things, he can sing yes, dance yes, how about his love life? Yeah let’s see how that goes! Yesterday 1st July 2015, Rose got interviewed on an industrial area based TV Station Urban.

The Singer was asked a lot of personal question and he was being calculative when answering. However, among the questions our area of focus was his music career and love life.

When asked to name his best song, he said, “right now I don’t have a best song yet, till when I put out a song that gets recognized internationally, I will definitely say that’s my best song”

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Another question concerning his lover ended with him admitting right now he has no girl and that his girlfriend is abroad.

 Speaking of love when asked how often he has S-E-X, he said, “I have sex 4 times a week, but not right now, that was before I met my current girl friend”

There you go; the dude is still active and already taken. For the record Michael Ross is one of the RnB pioneers here in Uganda – started off almost at the same time with Juliana Kanyomozi  (O.B and O.G of Namassagali College, Busoga )and he’s known for songs like Yoyo, Tell me ft Navio, and others.