‘I liked Cindy Better When She Was Sober’ - Phina Masanyalaze

Posted: 2015-06-26T10:55:25Z Read: 4,747 times

According to red pepper online Phina While on the Serena based TV on Tuesday evening, did spill secrets, that she was a fan of Cindy when she was still sober.

“I used to like her when she was still sober, I’m not sure if she still is,” said Masanyalaze.

When asked about how she felt when her ex-husband introduced Cindy, she blew the statement away saying Introduction is meaningless to her. All through the interview, she always hinted on the fact that she has a baby with Ken Muyisa and cannot be compared to Cindy.

She was introduced yes, but where is she now? Are they still together, Phina wondered.

It should be noted that Cindy broke up with Ken and came out to say she was just using him to get over Mario.

Apparently, Masanyalaze thinks she can make a collabo with Cindy, saying she has no serious feud with her.