Cindy's Tip to a Sexy Body ... You Need This!

Posted: 2015-06-20T10:27:47Z Read: 7,947 times

Trying to tippytoe Cindy might be cumbersome ... but she's got a point.

The mother of two took to her facebook fan page and posted a photo of herself in a bikini showing off her well toned body ... while shooting scenes for the forth-coming music video for her latest song "Ndi Mukodo" f/t rapper Navio.

Cindy has been working out for quite a while now—says she was inspired by the birth of her daughter, to start working out, and calls upon every "sexy mamas" out there to start taking care of themselves and not use giving birth as an excuse to get fat.

A caption to the bikini photo read:

“Giving birth to my daughter gave me the courage and energy to workout and look out. All the sexy mama’s out there take care of yourself, don’t use giving birth as an excuse to loose yourself.”

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