Stecia Mayanja Could be Arrested For Possessing A Stolen Car

Posted: 2015-06-10T19:28:59Z

According to Chimplyf, local musician, Stecia Mayanja maybe arrested over possessing a stolen car acquired to her by the remanded city businessman and husband,  Abbas Mubiru.

One Clifford Kasibante accuses Stecia Mayanja’s husband of conning him his two carss Nissan Tiana and a Honda CRV in exchange for land located in Kabuusu which turned out to belong to National Social Security Fund.

According to Kasibante, Mubiru handed him a forged title deed only to realize this after being arrested by police for trespass as he inspected the land.

Kasibante adds that after being freed by Police, he started looking for his cars and Mubiru but later realized that he (Mubiru) had given one of them (Nissan Tiana) to his then wife-to-be, Stecia as a present and that the singer was using it for her daily transport needs.

This is when Kasibante called the couple and informed them that he was going to pick both of them from their wedding if they did not return his cars.

Mubiru is said to have sat Kasibante down and given him the Nissan Tiana and the relevant documentation after confessing that he had already sold off the Honda CRV.

Mubiru further begged Kasibante not to disrupt his wedding with promises of reimbursing him for the Honda. This, Kasibante agreed to do after a brief agreement.