Fallen Singer Harriet Kisakye’s Grave Develops A HUGE CRACK just A Month From Her Burial

Posted: 2015-06-10T16:59:50Z Read: 11,357 times

Just a few months after the ‘Kandahar’ singer died... a lot has been said. However, one thing that the public has not really understood is -- Harriet Kisakye’s body is not lying peace inspite of her soul being in heaven.

Singer Harriet Kisakye died at International Hospital Kampala on April 24 and was buried on April 28 in Bunamwaya. Apparently, residents of Bunamwaya are not happy about the state of the fallen singer’s grave.

According to reports, singer’s grave has developed a huge crack and it’s starting to cave in…. We have been told that A-Plus Funeral Management Ltd who were contracted to do the burial and funeral work did substandard work...and even never completed what they were meant to do.

 We’ve learnt that the residents and Bunamwaya Catholic Church have written to the funeral company complaining that the grave completion services but in their response that is alleged to be from A-Plus indicated that they had only been contracted to construct the grave to the slab level and to let the relatives of the deceased to do the rest of the work. Relatives however deny this.

Howwe is working around the clock to get a comment from A-Plus management and contract papers. We will update.